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We ask nothing to become a member other than a like-minded view point about reforming the Temple Tattoo Ban. All Voices matter, even if you are not a resident of Temple. The Temple Tattoo Advocacy Group utilizes it's members as a part of a growing Contingency interested in amending the current Tattoo Ban, and creating a voice of reason in current Temple Tattoo Policy, as well as the future's artistic influences that Tattooing has to offer, be a part of the Temple Community. Like us on Facebook and join our mailing list to stay updated on news.

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What else Can You do?

We want the Temple Council members and Employees to know how you feel. Please take the short time needed to send a personal Email telling the City Officials listed on our link page who you are, where you live, and how the Temple Tattoo Ban makes you feel as citizen, potential visitor, or just as a concerned American. Please be courteous and respectful to Temple and it's Officials, as our goal is to make allies, and not enemies.

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The Temple Tattoo Advocacy Group is a non-profit organization that uses all of it's assets to further the awareness and reform of the Temple Tattoo Ban. It is completely self-supported by the generosity of its members and supporting organizations. Any Donations are greatly appreciated and will provide much needed resources to fight this injustice. However, no donations are required or expected.